Bayou Liberty Relief

This website once served as a bulletin board for Bayou Liberty Relief (Hurricane Katrina Relief Non-Profit) organization. The camp was located in Slidell Louisiana, and temporarily housed individual volunteers and formal groups who traveled to the Hurricane zone to assist in any way they could. The camp is now closed due to mainly the lack of qualified volunteers to perform the work, and the huge amount of work that remained. There is an amount of time after a disaster when you can actually make a difference.

Bayou Liberty Relief Website

The website was being ran by an outdated database engine which had lots of security vulnerabilities. The host company continuously shut it down due to web robots constantly consuming bandwidth and spam posters flooding the site with their content. That was all alleviated but the engine still failed and all data was gone. It has been archived and may appear here later from a link, but for the most part it will never return to what it was. Those days are gone. I'm not sure what the plans are for this site...


First Content

First posted content to get rid of beg screen...

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